How and why dental pain occurs

There are various reasons for dental pain to occur they can originate from your teeth, gums, muscles of the face, or bone. The reason for dental pain could be tooth wearing off which causes sensitivity, dental caries or damage to the teeth, infection of the tooth due to underline factors, a wisdom tooth being impacted, pain due to food lodgments, and much more but most common of all is dental pain due to dental caries.

Dental caries spreads in three stages they are

  • Dental caries involving enamel
  • Dental caries involving the enamel and dentin
  • Dental caries involving enamel, dentin, and pulp

dental pain treatment

In most cases when caries reaches the 2nd and 3rd stages it starts to have sensitivity and pain that is the time when the tooth pulp gets exposed or get irritated by external factors like cold water, hot liquid, and other elements, The pulp being a highly vascular part of the tooth tends to respond very vigorously to external stimulations. The pain caused due to the response of the pulp is very sharp, shooting, and short duration at times, dull and constant also at times.

dental pain treatment
Dental caries in 2nd stage


You can manage your dental pain for a short term by using some home remedies in an emergency but you have to visit your dentist for a proper cure.

  • The use of clove oil at home is a home remedy.
  • The use of painkillers can subside the pain for some duration of time, painkillers prescribed by the dentist.

But visit your dentist as soon as possible, if you have any symptoms like pain, sensitivity, and swelling the treatment for dental caries includes restoration of the tooth with filling material, restoration of the tooth with a medicament and filling material, and root canal treatment it depends on the spread of dental caries.

For treatment of dental pain you should visit your dentist as pain arise, if you are in Assam Guwahati you can visit Family dental clinic for treatment at affordable price.

Tooth decay or dental caries?

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