Best Dental Clinics in Guwahati

Best Dental Clinics in Guwahati

Family dental clinic is the best dental clinic in Guwahati. We have best dentist and latest technology in our clinic giving services at three location in Guwahati, so our best dentist are just few steps near you.  why family dental clinic is best dental clinics in Guwahati for you.

Here are some reasons why? 

  • We have all latest tools which make patient more comfortable and painless treatment
  • Have highest quality treatment in Guwahati
  • Have most Safest and most Hygienic Dental Clinic in Guwahati
  • Most Experienced Dentists team in our clinic 
  • Every Treatment at Affordable Price
  • Have special pediatric dentist for your kids dental treatment
  • We have first Laughing gas dental treatment in Guwahati 
  • Most advanced dental clinic in Guwahati 

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Patient experience and video reviews

The Dental Clinics is all about providing the best quality treatment and the greatest care for our patients. We are committed to ethical and transparent dentistry. Are you looking for Guwahati’s best dentist? Our vision is to provide the highest quality dental care and create a luxurious dental experience like no other. We do more than just treat your dental problems. We also plan a comprehensive treatment plan to ensure the best possible results. We don’t believe in imposing treatment. Instead, we offer suggestions and let you decide after educating you. No matter what treatment option you choose to use, we will ensure you leave with a smile on your face and more confidence.

To provide a safe environment for patients, we follow strict sterilization protocols. All instruments are kept in sterilized pouches that are only opened at the time they are needed. Our practice offers the highest quality treatment and a unique experience.

Team of Best Dentist in Guwahati

* Best Pediatric Dentist
* Best Orthodontist

Oral Surgeon in Guwahati

Our Services

We are the best dental clinics in Guwahati offer multispecialty and orthodontic treatment to patients of all ages. We offer Painless Implants, Root Canal, Braces & Cosmetic Smile Makeovers at most affordable price in Guwahati. Have the best Dentists with 1st laughing gas treatment in Guwahati with more than 8,000+ happy patients. We strive to provide the best orthodontic and dental care for you and your family in a friendly and welcoming environment. We are proud of how beautiful your final smile is, but also how amazing we can help you on your way to it. This makes us the Best Dental Clinic Guwahati!

The family dental clinic has added a iTero Element scanner to make dental treatment even more convenient. This makes us the only Invisalign itero scanning clinic in Guwahati. iTero, an intraoral scanner that uses digital technology is so amazing it can replace traditional impressions. Dental offices typically take impressions by placing the tray material in your mouth and allowing you to hold it for a few minutes. However, iTero’s advanced digital integration technology replaces this. 

The following are the benefits of iTero:

  • iTero offers more detail and precision than traditional impressions.
  • Digital scans are faster than taking an impression. You can capture 20 scans per minute and send them electronically to the lab chairside.
  • iTero is easy to use and doesn’t require impression material. This makes it much more comfortable.
  • An iTero scanner can create appliances faster and get you to your treatment goals faster.
  • iTero has a seven-fold lower rate of fit issues, which means that it is much more likely to do it the first time, and without any discomfort.

We have pediatric dentistry for your kid’s treatment

In Guwahati we offer first laughing gas dental treatment and only clinic in entire Guwahati having laughing gas machinery. 
Laughing gas dentistry better known as “Conscious Sedation” or “Sedation Dentistry” is the process of using Nitrous oxide (Laughing gas) in titration with oxygen to reduce the anxiety of the patient. Laughing gas is a safe and effective way to manage the pain and anxiety that a patient might feel during a procedure.

Laughing gas dentistry experience in Guwahati

We are Guwahati’s most trusted Invisalign provider, with the highest number of cases. Book an appointment to have your Intra oral scan done. You can see the results of your smile before you begin your Invisalign or braces journey.

Prevention is better than cure. That is why it is necessary to go on a regular check-up. Visiting a dentist once or twice a year will maintain your oral health. And it is not only about cleaning teeth or checking cavities but also can reduce some potential risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should I visit a dental clinic?
You should visit your dentist once a year for a regular checkup. If you are having any dental problems, visit immediately.

2. Are dental clinics in Guwahati well equipped with modern technology?
Yes. Dental clinics in Guwahati are well equipped with all the modern technologies such as x-ray, dental drill, etc.

3. Are dental x-rays safe and important?
Dentists recommend X-rays to diagnose problems. With technological advancement, X-rays release much less radiation and are safer.

4. Do dental fillings hurt?
Getting a filling doesn’t hurt as dentists use anesthetics. After a filling your teeth can hurt a little or feel sensitive for a few days.

5. Are sweets and junk foods unhealthy for teeth?
Yes, sweets and junk foods with acid, like candy, chocolates, pizza, burger, etc. are unhealthy for teeth. These stick to teeth and lead to cavities.


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