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Laughing gas dentistry better known as “Conscious Sedation” or “Sedation Dentistry” is the process of using Nitrous oxide (Laughing gas) in titration with oxygen to reduce the anxiety of the patient. Laughing gas is a safe and effective way to manage the pain and anxiety that a patient might feel during a procedure. The use of Nitrous oxide has been widely used on a frequent basis for adults and kids who are going dental treatment in most European and American countries. The increase in popularity of this method has been very helpful for dentists to provide anxiety-free dental treatment.

In India with the increase in awareness for dental treatment especially for kids Laughing gas dentistry is gaining fast popularity with its advantage of reducing anxiety and providing fear-free dental treatment.

How laughing gas used for root canal?

Nitrous Oxide is the tool used It’s also known as laughing gas. This gas is inhaled before the root canal begins, it removes the anxiety and will keep the patient relaxed for some time. Patients are still conscious throughout the procedure.

Why is laughing gas used in dentistry?

The inhaled nitrous oxide and oxygen are safe and very effective for managing pain and anxiety in dentistry, especially in kids. There is an inherent safety margin for the proper administration of nitrous oxide-oxygen sedation that the family dental clinic provides to you in Guwahati. In fact, we are the first in Guwahati for Laughing gas dentistry.
Our clinic has a pediatric dentist for kids with laughing gas technology that makes kids’ treatment very easy and safe. And we have treated more than 1000+ kids with this treatment in Guwahati and leading in it.

laughing gas dentistry Guwahati

How long does laughing gas last after the dentist?

Thankfully, these effects only last for 3-5 minutes after the mask has been removed. your kids or you will not experience any “hangover” effects from the nitrous oxide it will be like normal after 3 minutes after the procedure.


Does dentist gas put you to sleep?

Nitrous oxide is not intended to put you to sleep. You will still be conscious and aware of your surroundings, allowing you to communicate with your dentist, it will make the patient more relaxed.


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