Welcome to Dental Clinic in Guwahati

Welcome to Dental Clinic in Guwahati

Family Dental Clinic in Guwahati, India’s multi-specialty Dental Clinic, offers the best dental care at an affordable price. It is located on GS road, Guwahati. Our Best Dentists are highly skilled and extremely compassionate. Each problem is dealt with precisely, no matter how minor or significant.

Family Dental Clinic in Guwahati, India, is a center of excellence in Dentistry. It offers Invisible Braces, TMJ/Joint Pain Problems, Painless Root Canal Treatments, Full Mouth Rehabilitations, Pediatric Dentistry, and Cosmetic Dentistry, such as Smile Makeovers & Teeth Whitening. Our ultra-hygienic sterilization standards are not a response to COVID-19. They are a matter of policy. We use dedicated sterilization equipment such as Chemiclave, Autoclave, and cold sterilization to ensure instrument sterilization at 100%.

Family Dental Clinic in Guwahati is a trusted choice to care for your entire family’s dental care needs. We offer appointments to avoid any inconvenience to patients. We strive to provide a safe and secure environment while meeting the needs of all our patients.  

Dental clinic in Guwahati can help you plan your Indian Dental Surgery.

We learn about dental care from our elders every day since childhood. It is something that should be noticed. Neglecting to pay attention to your teeth can cause severe damage and even land you in the dentist’s chair. The Dental Clinic in Guwahati  provides medical value to India by providing easy access to top-quality dental care at affordable prices from the top dentists in India and the best hospitals in India.

Oral Surgeon in Guwahati

Dental clinic in Guwahati

  • Essential services: Dental Clinic in Guwahati Assists in arranging medical visas, to and from airport service, accommodation meals, appointments with top dental surgeons, lab tests, etc
  • Qualified dentists: The Dental Clinic in Guwahati’s network includes the top surgeons and hospitals in India, providing excellent healthcare.
  • Affordable: The costs incurred for the entire trip to India for dental treatment in India from the top dentists in the world is nearly 30% less than in most Western countries.
  • Professionalism: We uphold the highest ethical standards in providing transparent treatments and procedures.
  • Additional services: We also care for facilities such as providing healthy meals, planning vacations in India, and rejuvenation and rehab facilities.

International Patient Experience

In Guwahati, India, dental patients from the United States get low-cost smile makeovers. Ms. Elicia, a patient from the USA, was unhappy with her smile. For smile-making, she visited India through Family Dental Clinic in Guwahati. To create Elicia’s perfect smile, the cosmetic dentist in India considered her facial features, skin color, hair color, teeth (color, width, and shape), gum tissue, and lips. In consideration of her individual needs, a smile makeover was done. Her smile looked more natural and confident. Elicia had her smile makeover in Guwahati, India. It was a very affordable procedure compared to her home country. She is now grateful to the Dental Clinic in Guwahati.

Additional information

Dental Clinic, Guwahati, offers friendly and supportive staff and the most recent medical knowledge to assist patients. All safety protocols are adhered to by the clinic, including Covid-19 precautionary steps. The team of doctors and nurses provides world-class care with a focus on the patient. Services like Dental Examination etc. You can also find all the treatment you need here.

To avoid waiting, booking an appointment at Dental Clinic is a good idea. Hours of operation are from 10:00 to 20:00.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there any differences between orthodontists and dentists?

Dentists can address a wide range of oral health issues. Orthodontists can be described as dentists who specialize in aligning the jaws and teeth.

  1. Are there any orthodontic conditions that dentists can treat?

Yes, some dentists can be both dentists and orthodontists. Family Dental Clinic can provide more information.

  1. How often should I see a dentist?

A dentist should be seen at least twice yearly or every three to six months.

  1. What is the primary qualification for Family Dental Clinic?

Family Dental Clinic is an MDS-certified doctor.

  1. What expertise does Family Dental Clinic Guwahati have in these areas?

Family Dental Clinic specializes in many areas,  etc.

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